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About This Project

Main purpose of this project is making online file sharing widely accessible and which is more important Completely Free File Sharing. As you can understand of course it is cost some money for us to build this thing and keep it working over the time, but it's done with grate support from TreeScale using TreeScale Storage technology for allowing cheap and fast file sharing.
We are keeping files not more than 1 week for making file sharing scalable as a customer service and not making it another free storage system. So the general purpose is to upload files here, get short url for them, and share that link to anyone who want to download your files.
Currently we don't have any traffic or file size limitations because our technology allowing to handle massive network traffic. This could be changed over time, based on file uploading demands, but as of now we don't have any limits for file sizes.

Use Cases

File sharing systems like this one is helpful if you have for example file larger than 1GB and don't want to keep it in your DropBox because you need to pay for that, but in other hand you want to share it and make it available online. This kind of web applications allowing to upload file(s) get URL and share it over the internet so that you can send that files to anyone you need to, without warring about deleting that file. Files would be automatically deleted after 1 week, in fact you can upload it again for completely free of charge.